How often do you hear the phrase "Schools should teach..." in the media?

We've noticed that barely a week goes by without a well-meaning person or organisation insisting that something else is added to the curriculum, often without any consideration as to how it could be fitted into an already-squeezed school day. Obviously the curriculum needs to be updated and improved upon over time, and some of the topics proposed are incredibly important. However, there are only so many hours in the school week, and we believe that teachers and schools are the ones best placed to decide what their students need to know, and not have loads of additional things forced on them by government because of lobbying by others.

With all this in mind, we kept track of as many of these proposals as we could throughout 2018 - and we made a short summary of our findings: Clogging up the Classroom - the jostle for curriculum content.

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We are now doing the same thing for 2019. Will the list be even bigger than before? We currently have 21 entries:

Title Date
Hinds: Schools should ban single-use plastics by 2022 27/12/2018
Pupils should ditch gadgets and climb trees in 2019, Damian Hinds tells schools 29/12/2018
Too many children are denied the joy of classical music 02/01/2019
Focus on making January your most productive month by learning skills, developing your CV and applying for jobs 06/01/2019
Schoolchildren to be offered sleep lessons after rise in disorders 07/01/2019
More pressure to put menstrual wellbeing on curriculum 07/01/2019
Mental Health By Megan Jones Tolworth Girls School 08/01/2019
Schools told to teach pupils about cutting back on sugar in maths and English lessons 08/01/2019
Piers Morgan and Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner in Twitter spat over ‘fashionable’ mental illness comments 10/01/2019
A 16-year-old’s petition on mental health is a must-sign 10/01/2019
Kids ‘should analyse porn videos at school to prepare them for real-life sex’ 14/01/2019
Cookery lessons should be compulsory in schools 15/01/2019
‘Let them be children!’ Sex expert claims that masturbation should be taught to pupils as young as EIGHT – leaving This Morning viewers horrified 18/01/2019
Scottish schools urged to teach film as part of curriculum 19/01/2019
Social media abuse: Is it time for a rethink about how we treat others online? 21/01/2019
Calls grow for schools to teach lessons on porn 21/01/2019
Can we teach our children to spot fake news? 22/01/2019
Boost careers advice in primaries, says Teach First 23/01/2019
Should driving be taught in schools? Youngsters say yes 23/01/2019
Cumbrian first aid trainer calls on schools to teach life-saving skills 23/01/2019
Better to smash the class ceiling than rage at it 28/01/2019

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