The Question of Knowledge

PTE and ASCL have produced this pamphlet in which headteachers from across the country discuss their experiences with implementing a knowledge-rich curriculum in their schools.
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What Should Schools Teach?

Schools are constantly being asked (usually by people who have never worked in them) to teach more and more things in an increasingly cramped school day. We're keeping track of these requests when they pop up in the media to give people an idea of just how…
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Why we need a knowledge-based curriculum

Schools across the country should be shifting to a knowledge-based curriculum that teaches deep subject knowledge. Evidence from cognitive science and studies of different schools show that such an approach is the most effective way to teach.
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Why pupils benefit from assessment

Rigorous tests throughout school are important. They help teachers, parents and the school know how pupils are doing and what they need to spend more time on. We should have more tests, not fewer.
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Why schools need effective behaviour policies

Good school discipline is essential: disruption in class stops students. We know how to ensure good school discipline – hundreds of Academies have turned around schools with poor behaviour and made them great learning environments.
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Enrichment in a longer school day

Enrichment is incredibly important. It helps students succeed later in life, and allows them to discover their passions. It is particularly important in secondary school, when pupils can cope with a longer school day.
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The benefits of Academies and Free Schools

Autonomy has been shown to work for many Free Schools and Academies. Our campaign wishes to see the benefits of autonomy spread throughout the system with more schools and headteachers gaining and/or taking advantage of the opportunities that they have.
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PTE Response to Primary Assessment Consultation

​Parents and Teachers for Excellence have published a response to the government's consultation on primary assessment. Our response is primarily focused on the EYFS framework and its relation to the phonics check.
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PTE Data for EYFS and Phonics Comparison

​PTE recently responded to the government's primary assessment consultation. Here is the raw data spreadsheet that PTE used for its findings on the correlation between EYFS and the phonics check.
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