Is 'Good' Behaviour Good Enough?

This will be our first major project on behaviour, discussing why so many teachers cite behaviour as the biggest reason for leaving the profession despite most schools getting a 'Good' from Ofsted for behaviour.

The Wonder Years

This project will look at how a curriculum between the start of Key Stage Two and the end of Year 9 can maximise the knowledge understood by pupils, and how such a curriculum can be used in different kinds of schools.

A Brief History of the Knowledge Curriculum in England

How can we truly understand the 'knowledge movement' without understanding its history, and how it came to be in its current form? This project will seek to chart how the movement evolved in England, both in academic terms and on the ground in schools.

Music for All in Every School

A growing number of schools are saying that they can't offer a full musical education for a variety of reasons. We want to use this project to show how every school can offer a rich, fulfilling musical education to their children.

Turning Up

We want to explore the things that schools with fantastic attendance records have in common, particularly those with great attendance in areas where it has been historically low.

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