Mark Lehain - Director

Mark joined us in September 2017 as our first ever Director, having previously been the founder and head teacher at Bedford Free School, and also a member of our Advisory Council. He is passionate about providing a great education for all children across the country, and wants to get as many schools to join him as possible. He himself underwent a journey towards 'enlightenment', having not particularly believed in the benefits of a knowledge-rich curriculum when Bedford Free School first opened in 2012, and will happily tell the story of his path towards knowledge to anyone who will listen.

Mike Burke - Campaign Manager

Mike has been with PTE since its inception, working behind the scenes with our advisory council and founders in order to publish our content and interact with our supporters. He studied at the University of East Anglia, graduating with a first class degree in history and politics. He will usually be found annoying Mark by talking incessently about football and video games.

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